You Were Born With It

If money, power, social status, and society’s definition of beauty and success didn’t exist, would you still feel worthy and be happy with who & where you are right now? 

Many of us are subconsciously defining our value, by certain outer circumstances we’ve been programmed to place personal meaning on. Our net worth, job title, relationships, what we own, what we do on a daily basis, what we look like, how smart we are…

But let me tell you, none of these outer forms of value can determine your worth.
They don’t even come close to it. 

You are more than enough with or without the things you’re placing your value on.

We were all born with equal amounts of value. Infinite. Unmeasurable.

Think about it. We are the most valuable things our parents have. If you’re a parent, I’m certain you would agree that your kids are the most important things in your life.

Every human was once a baby. We’re all born with the inability to walk, talk, or really do anything… bar cry, eat, poop, and obviously a few other things; but my point is, without even really knowing how to do anything, we we’re still the most valuable, brilliant, little miracles.

And we still are.

Let’s talk about comparison.

In todays reality we not only have television and magazines to compare ourselves with. We have google, social media, youtube, and endless amounts of dating apps, all at our fingertips; to compare our lives, “successes”, “failures”, bodies, talents, social status, material possessions, the list goes on.

Yes, a lot of the things I’ve listed become apart of our lives, but when we start to place our value on them, we can start to deplete the worthiness we feel for ourselves. Why? Because these things can easily become tarnished, irrelevant, and/or removed from our lives.

We’ve gotten so caught up on being defined by others and defining ourselves by the things we have or what we’ve done. So if we no longer have, stop doing, or “fail” at something, our minds are automatically conditioned to believe that that is proof we are not AS worthy as we once were.

How crazy is that?

Let’s go back to babies.

Think of a baby who’s starting to walk. When they start taking those first few steps, and inevitably, fall over. We’re not thinking “wow, they failed. They’re not as good as they were a few seconds ago.” and neither is the child. Typically, they get right back up and keep trying until they get it. And I don’t know about you, but at 25 I’m still tripping and falling over myself most of the time.

But seriously, look how far we’ve come from being little, vulnerable infants.

We’re always learning and growing through trial and error. Alway have been, always will.

So WHY is it we NOW have these negative, defining thoughts about ourselves, and even sometimes other people when things aren’t “perfect” or at societies standards?

In my opinion, some of our greatest power is in knowing our unconditional worth, owning it, seeing it in others, and spreading it with the intention of inspiring people to see it within themselves.

You we’re born valuable and worthy. It’s not something you have to work at to create. But with todays comparison games, it can take some work to unwire and rewire the conditioning and beliefs about this.

In conclusion, please know that you are 100% worthy and valuable without anything external to define you. Don’t let your own or other peoples expectations & opinions of what or how you/they think you should be/do, convince you of how valuable you already are. 

with love,


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