The Gift

I’m so grateful. 

Grateful for this opportunity I decided to take on, only to quit and restart multiple times. 

The journey of building a business is a great one, but let me tell you… It’s not always easy.

Not because the work is hard. It takes persistence and consistency, but by no means do I have to dedicate hours upon hours, day and night, work in an office 5 days a week working 9-5, or stress myself in order to achieve my goals and “succeed.”

So why did I ever give up if this gig is such a blessing?

Well the sad thing is many do… because we don’t think we’re worthy, or able/capable of doing what others do what seems to be so effortlessly.

I had more excuses than dreams and I was not willing to give up my limiting beliefs or fears to step into a higher version of me. 

In my opinion, the people who truly succeed in life are fulfilled and happy in all areas of their lives. They’re not discouraged by other peoples opinions, they do not compare, they’re constantly pushing themselves in a positive/compassionate way, they do not allow themselves to live in their comfort zone, they are dedicating apart of their lives to a bigger cause, and they own all parts of themselves. They are an embodied example of success, showing others how they can experience the same kind of life. 

That’s what this opportunity is all about.

Yes there’s amazing healthy products & programs, gifts, weekly pay checks, free trips, a paid for company car, an amazing community of inspiring humans from all over the world…But the greatest gift I’ve received from sticking with this opportunity has been growing and learning about myself. 

I know that when I succeed, I’ve grown a little bit more and I’ve helped other people do the same.

With the stigma around this kind of business, it’s not an easy one to take on. It takes guts, perseverance, leadership, commitment, accountability, and many other amazing qualities I wish to embody. I honestly don’t think I could/would push myself or attain these kind of qualities in any other job, where I would be building someone else dreams/business, with the same kind of excitement & satisfaction. 

Not only do I get to work with AMAZING dreamers who are DOING and working towards the same goals and quality of life as me, I get to make my own schedule, work WHERE I want (as long as there’s a wifi signal), spend time with dog, my family, friends, and do the other things that light me UP… without having to take time off, quit my job, or call in sick!

I used to not know what I wanted to do, career wise… Even when this blessing was already in my life, I shrugged it off. I knew I wanted to help people get healthier, speak up for animals, create an impact and positive change in the world, travel, work from home or anywhere, be stimulated creatively, get paid to be ME and do what I love… and it was staring at me right in the face. All I needed to do was to get over my damn self and what people (who didn’t understand the beauty of this) would think of me.

I’m not a salesperson. I’m a grateful person who wants to share this gift with others who are seeking to create more holistic, abundance in their lives and the lives of others. 

For those of you who are wondering what it is that I REALLY do.. here you go:

I run an Arbonne Business. 

Don’t know what that is? It’s basically like my own dropshipping/ecommerce website, affiliate marketing program, online franchise, health/lifestyle/business coaching ALL IN ONE! And I don’t have to do ANY back work. Product development, shipping, order fulfillment, returns, transactions, customer service, website development, legal stuff, etc, etc… all done FOR me. All I have to do is wake up every day, show up, and decide to share what I already love and use. 

I basically have my own Kylie Jenner business that ANYONE can do, and has the ability to create as much revenue as I want, no minimums, NO CAPS (as I type in caps…) 

EXCEPT it gets even better! We have more than just makeup and skin care… So yes, straight men do it too. We have over 300 health and wellness products, so theres something for everyone who has a body and is wanting to live healthy from the inside out. EVERYTHING is cruelty free, non GMO, gluten free, soy free, vegan, and SO much more; like being free of over 2000 chemicals that are found in most personal care product you use on and in your body EVERY SINGLE DAY. + We’ve been that way for over 40 years and are ALWAYS improving.

So how did I get started? I switched my brand, started shopping from my own store at wholesale price. It is not just a business, It’s a lifestyle; a lifestyle dedicated to health, personal growth, lifting others, and taking action to create the amazing, fulfilling life you want & deserve. 

Want to know how to get started? Or have more questions for me? Message me to set up a time a date/time to chat!

With Love, 


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