Your Call.

You plead for help from others, but you’re not willing to help yourself

You want to feel loved, but you don’t love yourself

You want to be respected by others, but you don’t respect yourself

You want to be successful, but you don’t believe you can be or are even worthy of “success”

You want peace and to feel in flow, but you can’t stop trying to control everything

You want people to be real with you, but you’re afraid of showing the real you in fear of judgment from others

You want to be happy, but nothing is ever good enough

You want to be treated with care, but you don’t care for yourself

You pray for a miracle, but you don’t realize you are one…so do you even believe in miracles?

When we feel like we are lacking something within ourselves, and we’re not ready to face it, we tend to project it onto others, noticing it outside of us. 

This is not showing up for us to judge others, it’s showing up for us as a reminder to show up for ourselves, to see the areas we’re lacking faith and love within ourselves. 

When we don’t understand that this reflection is showing up for our growth, and we judge others or feel bad for ourselves, we begin this cycle. The cycle of self victimizing sabotage… ie. “this person is treating me like 💩, so I’m going to treat them like 💩, now I feel even 💩ier, so now I’m treating myself like 💩, everyone is treating me like 💩, I’m so 💩”… etc, etc. 

All of the feelings we think we need… to feel a certain (great) way, are not outside of us; we are already great, and if we are looking anywhere other than in the mirror, we will never see it. 

Love, success, joy, abundance, respect, peace, miracles; these are all our birthright. They’re built in. Anything else is a trick of the mind.  

We need to stop chasing and looking for what we already have, hoping someone else will save us from having to uncover it ourselves. In resisting this, we are literally resisting what we’re looking for and denying ourselves of our birthright. 

The reason why you don’t already recognize these amazing things in yourself is because you think you need to find them elsewhere… which is where they are not; therefore, you will only see the lack… creating the victim self-sabotaging cycles. 

No more trying to find something that was never lost to begin with.. maybe misplaced or out of view, but never lost or vanished. 

Let’s cut to the chase. NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU! YOU ARE YOUR ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR, BABY! And when you finally accept that, you can start to believe in yourself again and start to see all of those things that you forgot you already had within you, all along. Only then will you start to see it reflect in your life and the people you surround yourself with!

Sometimes my thoughts are scattered and I want to make sure you really grasp this so I’m going to reiterate…

All of the things you seek outside of you to make you’re value greater, limit you further, hide your worth from you, and add another lock on the door that leads you to your true awareness of yourself and all the things you think you don’t already have. 

So for your own sake, please stop hindering yourself.

You cannot maintain a healthy relationship with anyone (including you) and live in unconditional love and happiness when you isolate something outside of yourself as the source of your happiness, worth, or unworthiness. No person or thing has that power other than YOU. So make sure you’re using your power for good. 

…Life can go from 💩 to 🌞 pretty quickly when you decide. 

Your call though. Are you going to answer?

With Love,


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