30 Days To Healthy Living With Hailey

Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Having more energy and vitality, feeling more engaged in life, and being happier can start with making a few small changes in your daily habits and engaging in self education. 

Critical to making healthy decisions is . . .

  • Understanding the effects from the foods you are eating
  • Engaging in activity
  • Supporting your diet with premium nutritionals
  • Being ready to fuel your mind AND body with health
  • Having a support system
  • Support your elimination organs so your body can focus on releasing toxins, reducing inflammation, balancing blood sugars & pH, to function optimally!
  • To connect with yourself holistically

Proper diet and supplements help support skin too, nourishing it from the inside out!

Wouldn’t it be great to actually save money, have your shopping lists and meal plans laid out for you, receive the highest quality (and most delicious) nutrition to support you, have a coach to cheer you on, answer all of your questions and share tips along the way?

Thousands of people are following this program every month and so can you!

What it is:

  • A 30-day whole foods clean eating program.
  • Targeted 30 days of customizable nutrition support formulated without common allergens.
  • Plant-powered nutritional products to provide all the nutrients you need.
  • A boost of good bacteria with probiotics.
  • Optimization of digestion.
  • Free tips for meal planning, goal setting, physical activity, and healthy snacking.

What it’s NOT:

  • A deprivation or crash diet
  • Counting calories or macros
  • Low carb
  • High fat
  • Low fat
  • A fast.
  • A liquid diet.
  • A “detox/cleanse”.
  • A replacement for whole, healthy foods.

Walk through the program with Holistic Nutritionist, Dr Tanda Cook.

It’s all about BALANCE.

During the 30 days we cut out the top main allergens and inflammatory foods. Dairy, gluten, corn, soy, alcohol, caffeine are a few examples of what we cut out to help alkalize, reduce inflammation, heal, and reset our gut, as well as support our elimination organs & overall body. We strive to eat plant-based whole foods to give our bodies the best nutrition possible. Theres also a re-introductory program to follow the 30 days, so you can really see how the foods you had cut out are really effecting you.

What else do you get when you work with me?

Our team of yoga/meditation instructors, holistic nutritionist, reiki practitioners, health coaches, and self love/mindset coaches, has gone ahead and created a whole other addition for our clients that do Arbonnes 30 Day to Healthy Living Program. We have put together extra value in the daily guidance, more recipes, self love practices, mindset work, workouts, yoga, and much more value to go along with the healthy eating program. We truly believe that creating sustainable, healthy changes comes from the right foods, the right products, the right education, and the right mindset, to form new holistic wellness habits.

Check it out here

A Holistic Approach

  • Our holistic approach to wellness starts with clean ingredients and great habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
  • This 30-day program enhances nutritional intake by focusing on a routine of whole foods coupled with vegan protein shakes and select nutritional supplements.
  • We encourage the inclusion of nutrient-dense, plant-based foods and limiting empty calories and highly processed foods with little nutritional value.
  • Arbonne’s program utilizes plant based, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Formulated without Gluten essential ingredients.
  • More than just products, Arbonne provides a community of healthy living enthusiasts and a guide that walks you through each step.
  • The 30 Days to Healthy Living is an approachable program that can get you on track with good habits that can support long term wellness.

I choose to use Arbonne products because of their high quality ingredients and standards that goes into each one of their products. Read about their ingredient policy here. They are third-party lab tested for purity.

Click here if you’re ready to order.

Make sure you’re shopping in the right Country by clicking your country code/order destination in the upper right hand corner of the website.

Choose “Preferred Client” to receive the 40% discount on the program (20% off individual products). Also as a new client, when purchasing the program kit you will earn a Free Gift from our Gift List, and Free Shipping on your order! Note: There are NO monthly subscriptions, NO auto ship requirements. As a “PC” you have your own discount account for a year to shop for what you want, when you want, with the option to renew your membership the following year, and years to come.

More about the products:

• Certified vegan

• Certified gluten-free

• Certified non-GMO

• Certified cruelty-free

• Certified Kosher

• Free from over 2,000 ingredients (1,400 that are banned from the European Union plus several hundred more) that Arbonne does not allow in their products to keep them pure, safe, and beneficial.

• Protein shakes are certified by GI Labs (low glycemic).

To sign up with ME:

1. Go to www.haileykent.arbonne.com

2. Click Register and then Save as a Preferred Client option- this will get you 40% off the detox for a year, plus 20% off all other products, shipping specials and free product offers with qualifying orders!

3.  Enter your email address, create a password and then fill out your information and accept Terms.

4. Select your consultant if it doesn’t show me already, click change, Hailey Kent or my ID 117521117

5. Click continue shopping, Special Value Packs (these discounted kits are only available to Preferred Clients and Consultants!)

6. Select Nutrition with protein shake mix and customize your order (when choosing between greens powder, fibre boost, and the body cleanse, I suggest selecting the 7 day cleanse, and greens in your first order. But whichever of the 3 you don’t choose in your kit, you can add as your free gift, or something else from the Gift List!)

7. Once you’ve added to cart your customized kit you will be able to select the free gift by scrolling down! 

8. Then continue to submit your order after filling out your payment information! You will get FREE shipping!

9. Once you get submit order and get to the “Thank you for your order” page, you are all set!! Make sure you write down or screen shot your order number when you get to this page, just in case!

11. I’m always here to support my clients in anyway that best suits them. Whether it be daily checkins via text or audio messages, weekly calls, etc. The amount of support and how we go about it is completely tailored to each individual client and what they want!

10. Once your order has been placed, send me and email to haileykentt@gmail.com with the subject titled: “30 DAY READY”, in the email send me your order number + your personal Facebook profile link so I can then add you to the Facebook support group and send you our teams program website so you can access the preparation info. Once you’re in there you can go through the nutrition guide and other information! Next, we’ll go through any other questions you might have and get you ready for your start date.

(if you have been sent this by another independent consultant, please get back to them for the right links and info for signing up with them and your next steps!)

Lets get healthy together!

Other ways to contact me:

Instagram: @haileykentt

Facebook: Hailey Kent

Email: haileykentt@gmail.com