Ghost, or Reflection?

Have you ever really looked at your reflection?

No I’m not talking about your physical reflection, like staring at yourself in a mirror or walking by the car window for a quick hair check.

I’m talking about the world, people, and circumstances…your everyday experiences.

They are all mirrors for our lives. These are all reflections for us, of us, our beliefs, insecurities, judgments, and our patterns.

When we start to train ourselves to look at our reflection through these mirrors, we allow ourselves to learn so much more about…ourselves!

It’s becoming self aware, understanding what it is we have yet to take responsibility for, and tuning into what we can heal to change certain reflections we no longer want to experience.

What do you want to experience more of? What do you want to experience less of?

Get clear on what you want more of, work through the shadows to release what is no longer serving you to create more of what it is that you want.

You know these quotes?

“What you see in me is a reflection of you”


“Every time you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you”

These are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

What are some circumstances or situations that keep popping up in your life that you haven’t really taken a deep look at? 

Here’s a simple example most people can relate to: 

Are you being ghosted by someone? Whether it be a friend, potential business partner, coworker, a love interest, etc. Ask yourself, are you ghosting other people, or more importantly yourself? Are you holding onto pain/fear of abandonment or rejection from a past trauma or unpleasant expericene? Do you have any doubts that you’re good enough to be consistently pursued by someone you’re interested in? Are you truly open to receiving from others? Start giving yourself more loving attention and spending quality time with yourself. Focus inward, rather than outward. Treat others and yourself with honest, open communication and respect…how you want to be treated.

Typically, the things that trigger us the most are the biggest wounds we need to heal from our past. But they are present for a purpose. Even if it’s something simple like getting frustrated by people walking slowly or a confused driver. These experiences are being brought up in different ways for us to work through, honour, forgive, overcome, and release. When those steps are fully accomplished, the trigger will be neutralized; therefore, no longer a trigger, and probably won’t even show up in our reality. Why? Because it no longer has a purpose for us to experience it. 

As you get more versed in seeing these reflections and transforming the triggers, they’ll start to show up less like triggers and more like observations. Every observation is neutral until we clarify it through our lens. Wether it’s positive or negative, that’s up to us, and whatever lens we choose is what we’ll experience. 

It’s the law of attraction! Perhaps it should really be called the law of reflection….

Anyways, just sharing my thoughts with whoever wants to “listen”… I know I’ve lightly touched on this in some of my other blog entries, and if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my “dog poop” story which is another great example (it’s in my “Mind Body Soul” highlights if you wan to see wth i’m talking about)… but I hope this challenged some of you who aren’t familiar with this perspective of life, to think a little bit differently! 

With Love, 


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