Hurting vs. Healing

Let’s start this off with some realness…

Every action a person takes is either a call for love, or an expression of love. Also can be translated to: Every action anyone takes is either from hurt, or healing…from fear, or love… ego, or soul, etc, etc. You picking up what I’m putting down?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… Hurt people, hurt people.

Those who fall victim to their hurt are typically the ones who hurt others, calling out for love in ways that can be/seem hurtful or wrong. 

Instead of running away from hurt, we need to run towards it for healing to take place. To heal from the space of hurt, we must decide to change our perspectives and take our power back to forgive. Forgiveness is power; in fact, the only real justice is forgiveness.

Hurting people who hurt you, only causes another cycle of unnecessary pain for all parties. 

So what happens when we forgive and free ourselves of hurt? The hurt we’ve done to others, the hurt we feel from hurting others, and the hurt we’ve felt from others? 

Those who choose to transform their views of past hurt as an opportunity to heal and forgive, will become more of themselves… their true selves, an unconditional expression of love; which is what we all truly are, love.  

Not to mention, living in hurt takes A LOT of our energy. Staying in that energy depletes us into darkness.

Living in love and healing energizes and lifts us UP into lightness!

I’m not saying by living in the energy of love and healing that you will no longer, everrrr, experience hurtful things along your journey… But you do have the power to not let hurtful things others project on you, AFFECT you. Which then eliminates the CAUSE for the person to hurt you in the first place… and from that space you are acting out of love towards yourself and others, and from there, you will only get more of that.

It’s a lot less likely we will be able to hurt others when we no longer carry it with us from our past to our present, and future. 

No one BUT YOU has the power to determine your life or happiness. If you ALLOW people and/or circumstances to do so, that is YOU giving your power away, and choosing hurt.

So stop defining yourself and others by the wrong doings or hurts they’ve caused. And start defining yourself and others by the good qualities and actions you see. You have the power to change what you experience in this life. 

You are effected only by what you choose to believe and hold onto. 


Forgive yourself, forgive others.

For you. 

+ Change the stories you tell yourself about you and others.

Hurt Story: I’m so stupid. I never know anything.

Healing Story: I’m learning new things everyday!

Hurt Story: This person hurt my feelings when they said I was(n’t) ___________.

Healing Story: This person helped me pinpoint an insecurity I’ve been holding onto, which lead me too look deeper and heal my wounds around _________________.

Hurt (fear) does not exist in a world of healing (love).

You’re either hurting or healing.

You decide. 

With Love,


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