2020 Vision

The holidays are all about eating, drinking, & being merry. But does eating your weight in chocolate & drinking your self to being in bed all the next day, really all that merry? And on top of that, New Year’s Eve comes & goes with even more food & drink…& then we put so much pressure on ourselves to quickly change from bingeing on junk, putting our bodies in a constant state of stress from overindulging, to thinking that it will all change as the New Year rolls around. All of the sudden we get all this motivation to completely change our lives, but really, how long does it usually last? A month? until Easter, summer? A lot of the time we create these endless cycles of tomorrow, next month, next year..& nothing ever really changes.

Imagine you had a consistent lifestyle that actually worked for you, that you actually wanted to stick to. A lifestyle that met your needs. 

Do you remember what it felt like to actually wake up and feel good? Like you were just automatically energized without needing anything? When you didn’t need that afternoon coffee to make sure you didn’t fall asleep at your desk, or to help you go to the bathroom in the AM? 

Imagine you didn’t care about what the number on the scale read, your carb intake, or how many cals you’re taking in with each bite of breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Imagine you could go back to living like you did when you were a kid…true freedom, not having a second thought about how your body looked. What if you woke up every day loving you as you are, the purest, realest version of you that knew the measurements of your waist, or your pant size, was NOT a measure of your actual worth.

True health, wellness, & beauty comes from the inside. You can’t fully get rid of an illness by treating the symptom. This is the same for REAL self love… changing your outside without going within will not fix how you see yourself, trust me. You have to treat the root cause. & the root of all that toxic behaviour around food & your body image all comes from a much deeper trauma which usually stems from being disconnected from ourselves & our worth.

What if you had a program designed to help you reconnect? A program focused on holistic health? Total wellness! Food, fitness, & all the outside stuff, as well addressing the inside of the body like supporting our incredible elimination organs so they can do their jobs in detoxing our bodies efficiently, replenishing the gut, & of course the real inner, inside, the mind..where real, lasting transformation occurs; & in turn helps you create more of what you really want in all aspects of your life.


Instead of focussing on all of the weight you think you have to lose & all the things you want to change about yourself, what if you started focussing on all of the positive you had to GAIN? 

We ALWAYS have the opportunity to choose this, why not go into 2020 fuelled with this energy..in a safe space with people experiencing the same process & going on their own unique health journey!

Welcome to alkALIGN: Revolution 2020! Where all of this is taking place! If any of this resonated or sounded like what you’re looking for this New Year, reach out! Let’s talk😊❤️

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