The only way to feel full & fulfilled is if you lovingly allow yourself to be you. 

After getting my body healthy ALONG with my mind… my body & skin completely changed. I learned to love & honour myself, no matter what # was on the scale, whether or not I fit into a pair of jeans, or if I had a few breakouts on my face. You know what happened?! I never felt better. The weight that my body was holding onto & the constant acne, from an intense hormone imbalance, finally felt safe to let go, because I finally felt safe to love myself, regardless. I let go of all of the stories I created about needing to look or be a certain way. This unattainable, ever changing, societal form of perfection was no longer my goal. I strived to just want to be me, authentically me. I focused on myself, did the inner work along with adjusting the foods & products I allowed my body to absorb & all of a sudden my skin cleared & all of my shorts were too damn BIG! 😂

I was not focused on weight. My focus was on feeling good & being happy! & because I was fuelling my mind with love/positivity & fuelling body with amazing foods/products the toxicity & imbalances my body was holding onto was released w/ ease. It was a byproduct of taking kind, care of myself.

This is the program that I run twice a month. It’s called alkALIGN and its f%ng amazing. A self love, mind & body “cleanse.” Cleaner thoughts, foods, & products. 

4 yrs later, I’ve been living this lifestyle mostly 80/20. No, I’m not all of the sudden perfect. I still have my ups & downs. Some days I still remind myself of things I learned that 1st round of doing the program. But it happens less frequently, and I get there a whole lot quicker as I keep going.

Most people don’t incorporate self love with “detox” or diet programs…& most self love programs don’t incorporate food/lifestyle programs with them. 

But this is not a diet or just a scammy detox, this is 30 days of reseting, supporting, & nourishing your body, with aligning your mind to the same standards. All setting you up for a healthy lifestyle ahead. 

I help people with HOLISTIC TRANSFORMATION. Healthy from the INSIDE – OUT. Mind, Body, & Soul!

It’s for people who are ready to let go of their limiting thoughts, beliefs, & stories, ready to step into their true authenticity, to fully love themselves unconditionally, to fuel their mind & body with health. 

If you’re curious about being 1 of 10 in my next group, send me a message!

With Love,


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